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Belgium to build 600MW power plant in Iran

The F class power plant

July 1, 2016, Reporter : Trend

gallery thumbnail Baku, Azerbaijan, July 1 By Fatih Karimov – Trend: A Belgian company will build a new 600-megawatt combined cycle power plant near Tabriz city, northwest of Iran, Reza Hosseini, deputy head of the Center for Investment Services of East Azerbaijan Province, said. The ...Full Story

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International Court to Rule in July on South China Sea Dispute

South China Sea

June 30, 2016, Reporter : Big News Network/ VoA

gallery thumbnail An international court will deliver an eagerly awaited ruling next month on a case filed by the Philippines against China's claim over the South China Sea.> BNN / VoA The Hague-based Permanent Court of Arbitration said Wednesday that it would rule on July 12, but ...Full Story

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New Philippines President Duterte promises to fight crime as he assumes office

Duterte, who has served 22 years as a Mayor

June 29, 2016, Reporter : Big News Network

gallery thumbnail MANILA, Philippines - Rodrigo Duterte, aged 71, had been sworn in as the new President of Philippines after his landslide victory on May 9.> Big News Network The former Mayor of Davao city has reportedly promised to end corruption and spread wealth around the country, ...Full Story

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Putin: Russia, India have great room for expanding economic cooperation

India-Russia relations

June 18, 2016, Reporter : Trend

gallery thumbnail Russia and India need to step up economic cooperation, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, emphasizing that the current trade turnover between the two countries has not reached its potential maximum.> Trend "As for our [India-Russia] relations, they have very ...Full Story


Post-Brexit era begins for Britain as reactions range from jubilant to hostile

UK voted out of a 43-year-old marriage with EU

June 27, 2016, Reporter : Big News Network

gallery thumbnail LONDON, U.K. – In what is being considered as one of the most historic events in the world, the tiny archipelago that is the United Kingdom ...Full Story

Paris rail, transport strikes heat up, Eiffel Tower closed for safety

Euro 2016 tournament

June 15, 2016, Reporter : Big News Network

gallery thumbnail PARIS, France – Rail workers and taxi drivers have reportedly planned more strikes and street protests against a reform aimed at easing ...Full Story

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