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Pakistan has to change its policy to survive in 21st century: Exiled UKPNP chief

United Kashmir People’s National Party (UKPNP)

September 25, 2016, Reporter : ANI

gallery thumbnail Geneva [Switzerland], Sept. 25 (ANI): Hailing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's latest attack on Pakistan, Shaukat Ali Kashmiri, chairman of the United Kashmir People's National Party (UKPNP) asserted that no rights have been given to the people of Balochistan, ...Full Story

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Stock markets gain on Bank of Japan policy reboot, U.S. Fed keeps interest rates unchanged

Exceeds 2 percent

September 22, 2016, Reporter : Big News Network

gallery thumbnail TOKYO, Japan - Stock markets rallied on Wednesday after the Bank of Japan (BoJ) effected a policy reboot by introducing an interest-rate target for ten-year government bonds, committing to keep them around zero but left its main interest rates unchanged. > Big News Network ...Full Story

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Starting October 3, Emirates to apply new charges for advance seat reservation

Dubai-based airline has decided to charge

September 21, 2016, Reporter : Big News Network

gallery thumbnail DUBAI, U.A.E - Emirates Airline, that has gained popularity for its classy operations and onboard luxuries has now decided to charge an add on fee for travellers who wish to reserve a set in advance. > Big News Network The Dubai-based airline has decided to charge ...Full Story

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UN suspends all humanitarian convoys in Syria after attack

As an immediate security measure

September 20, 2016, Reporter : Big News Network

gallery thumbnail Geneva - The UN said onTuesday it had suspended all humanitarian aid convoys in Syria after a deadly air raid hit trucks delivering aid near Aleppo, killing a Red Crescent staff member and civilians.> Big News Network As an "immediate security measure, other ...Full Story


Migrant Fears Could Deal Setback to Merkel in Berlin Vote

Berlin voters

September 18, 2016, Reporter : Big News Network/VoA

gallery thumbnail Berlin: German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives look set to suffer losses Sunday in a Berlin city vote -- the second electoral blow ...Full Story

Sharing is Protecting: German Chancellor calls for greater intelligence sharing among EU countries

Sharing of Intelligence in EU

August 23, 2016, Reporter : Big News Network

gallery thumbnail BERLIN, Germany - Leaders of Italy, France and Germany called for a greater sharing of intelligence between the EU countries at sidelines of their ...Full Story

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